My Experience

Drawing from a rich tapestry of global experiences, I have dedicated my career to crafting personalized educational pathways that resonate with each child’s unique needs and aspirations. From the vibrant classrooms of Texas to the innovative spaces of the UAE, and finally, to the culturally diverse settings of Munich, my journey has been fueled by a passion for understanding and nurturing the individual strengths and challenges of every learner.



My role as the Infinity Coordinator at the Bavarian International School encapsulates my commitment to supporting asynchronous learners, ensuring their social, emotional, and academic needs are met with empathy and expertise. My tenure as a Mathematics Curriculum Specialist in the UAE further honed my skills in designing and implementing curriculum strategies that cater to a diverse student population.

With an academic foundation in education, bolstered by a Doctorate of Education from the University of North Dakota, my research has always centered around enhancing student engagement and achievement through tailored educational approaches. My leadership in various educational settings, underscored by my publications and innovations in educational technology, reflects my continuous pursuit of excellence in education.

At the heart of my work lies a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of individualized learning. My extensive experience not only equips me with the knowledge to understand your child’s educational needs but also with the compassion and dedication to guide them towards realizing their fullest potential.


Thesis: “Creating and implementing effective systems within the context of change management.”

Thesis: “Identification and Education of Twice Exceptional Learners in Secondary Education”

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)


Current Project

Currently working on a book focused on providing student choice within academic frameworks.


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Vocabulary Building in Mathematics. Mobile Application. Published on Google Play and App Store.


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